Website terms of use

GIMI 2.0 Web is only a prediction tool and it cannot substitute real sampling and analysis of the fields, especially in cases where there is conflict.

The GIMI 2.0 Web exclusively predicts the GMO percentages caused by pollen from the transgenic fields. We implicitly considered that transgenic commercial hybrids are hemizygous regarding the transgene, thus 50% of their pollen is transgenic.

Other factors like seed impurities or admixtures due to the misuse of the sowing machines and the presence of transgenic volunteers are not considered.

The GIMI 2.0 Web is a free web app that is based on the GIMI 1.0 software, registered at the General Registry of the Intellectual Property (02/2011/860).

GIMI 2.0 Web has also been presented at the Sixth International Conference on coexistence between Genetically Modified (GM) and non-GM based agricultural supply chains. Lisbon, Portugal, November 12-15, 2013.